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Your Story Is One of the Most Powerful Assets You Can Apply for Deeply Connecting to Your Customers, Team and Community So You Can Create Greater Impact and Profits.
Story Coaching Client Successes:
"He brings a great deal of clarity into what you're saying and doing... which gives you confidence... I've hired Patrick more than once."
- Luke Lorio
"I knew I had a story inside I wanted to tell, but wasn't sure how to tell it... Patrick helped me discover what's inside and the confidence to communicate it."
- Dan Martell
"Patrick's the real deal. Highly recommend coaching with him!"
- Steve Rogers

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The application fee is $97 to ensure we get serious conversations with serious entrepreneurs and have a powerful starting point for step 2...

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On your consultation call, Mike will help you punch up your story and will support you with the best path to take to move forward with either 1-on-1 or group coaching if these are a fit for you now.
No high pressure.
Here's EXACTLY What You Get With This
Hands On Story Coaching Program:

  •  2 Two-Hour One-on-One Story Coaching Sessions: Patrick Combs will personally consult and guide you for two deep-dive sessions. That's a total of four hours of one-on-one time to get your story uncovered and drafted. To have a significant block of personalized time like this is a rare opportunity that has significant value above and beyond your investment.
  •  8 Group Coaching Calls: You’ll discover new distinctions and insights during these sessions, and then you'll get to workshop your story live. Each time you present your story, you’ll get invaluable feedback from Patrick plus your fellow students' first impressions. There will also be plenty of time for live Q&A.
  •  Before and After Story Transformation: We'll record your story before and after our coaching to not only show you the dramatic difference but then want to share it with the world. We’ll showcase you on our blog and social media channels to promote you and your work front and center to give your business and the Evolved Enterprise concepts more exposure.
  •  BONUS: 1 Hour of Marketing Implementation: Now that you’ve uncovered a powerful version of your story that can grab the attention of your listener and draw them in, here’s where you’ll apply it…Mike Budny will run a focused session with you on how to gain a direct competitive advantage in your market by wielding your story for immediate application in your business.
About Patrick Combs - Your Master Story Coach
Patrick Combs has put in his 10,000 hours and then some while mastering his craft. He is a Hall of Fame inspirational speaker (addressing over 1 million people live), a best-selling author, and a highly acclaimed comedic entertainer. (Actually, HBO named Patrick the funniest new performer in America for his critically acclaimed one-man show he previously wrote, directed and, starred in.)

Patrick combines all of these talents into the unique ability to uncover your signature story with aplomb. His skills are in great demand, but he is exclusively serving CEOs of Evolved Enterprises and conscious industry leaders who want to use business to make a dramatic difference in the world.
"Highly recommend Patrick Combs..."

"Patrick's ability to listen to your life's stories, and hone in on the one that launched your life's work, is magnificent and masterful. He's a skilled storyteller and outstanding presentation coach. He's helped me to uncover and share my own origin story concisely and effectively, as well as enhance the impact of my presentations. I highly recommend Patrick Combs. His generous spirit and impeccable story crafting will optimize how you share your life's work."
- Sheryl Netzky
"Patrick took my long and boring chronological story and cut straight through and uncovered the key points and how to bring them to life... Invaluable!"
- Chris Hay
"I thought I had a good story to start with... Turns out I didn't. Patrick took me step by step through his process. Highly recommend you hire him!"
- Nate Lind
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